A little history...

A Brief Biography of Liberty Roche

Liberty Roche is a 16 year old vocalist.  She is an extrovert and loves to interact with others.  She loves the Lord and believes he should and will always be number one in her life.


Liberty has loved to write songs and sing since she was a young girl.  No matter the time or place, she would be found singing.  It became clear Liberty’s passion is lying in music.


Liberty has been able to imitate the sound of artists almost perfectly.  No matter the genre of music, she was able to match the music she heard, to her own voice and find the perfect register of sound.  Liberty also has the ability to memorize lyrics incredibly fast, allowing the learning of new music to be stress free.


Liberty has 5 siblings, 4 of which play tennis.  Naturally, Liberty played tennis as well.  Though she enjoyed tennis, her heart was always found in music.


Her dream has always been to be a professional singer and use her voice to touch others lives.


At about 11 years old Liberty was referred to American Idolist Amy Adams who is a wonderful vocalist, voice coach and many other things.  Liberty began lessons with Amy.  Amy became the first real step Liberty took to start her career.  Through much hard work, marketing and wonderful contacts, Liberty is now performing shows of her own from anywhere from an hour to three.  She could not be more excited to continue growing in her profession and touching others.  To find out where she will be performing next, click the “Events” tab.  We hope to see you there!

To find out where she will be performing next, click here.

We hope to see you there!